Star Wars ASCIImation

The canonical version is available at asciimation.co.nz, but towel.blinkenlights.nl serves an edition of it through telnet.

This recording was produced like this:

termrec -e 'telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl' star-wars.ttyrec

And is rendered like this:

<tty-player src=star-wars.ttyrec preload=none controls window-title="Star Wars"
            poster='data:text/plain,%1b[7;37f%1b[4;1;93mSTAH%1b[22m WOZ%1b[m%1b[15;33fASCIIMATION.CO.NZ'>

Note that star-wars.ttyrec is over 3.2MB, though if served gzipped it’s around 110KB. Specifying the poster forces preloading of the entire thing (XMLHttpRequest can’t cope with streaming responses in any way yet).

CSS is being used to hide the window title (so you never actually see that it says “Star Wars”—that window-title was a waste of time) and border and give it the ominous dark red glow. I haven’t yet decided what to do about such styling as a general rule; there’s certainly something to be said for using the Shadow DOM. The ability to change the term.js colourscheme (e.g. light terminal) is also something that needs to be added.

Change poster to: